About us

About us

LLC “Polyaron” – association of enterprises on the basis of the factory “Polyaron”

The only manufacturer of gas lasers in Ukraine

  • As the only manufacture of such equipment we offer a complete manufacturing service from specific specification through to precision testing.
  • Our products are currently used by manufactures of microcircuit chips, in precision machinery, aircraft, rocket production, industry, information technology, holography and optics  around the world
  • Our laser equipment is most commonly used in the fields of medicine and across a wide spectrum of research institutes and research departments within universities specializing in scientific research
  • We produce lasers with individual characteristics, universal installation and also provide revisions for outdated equipment to ensure that they meet modern parameters necessary for the current requirements of world standards.
  • We also offer post-warranty repair and service to all our equipment
  • Buy previously used and out-of-order gas lasers.

Приглашаем к сотрудничеству в сфере высоких технологий.

Our advantages

Wide range of applications.

Our new development of universal systems can solve several problems in various fields of laser applications.


We ensure always the best price-performance ratio.

Restoration and repair of all types of lasers

We offer an opportunity to recover after laser generation of its resources, about 50% of its value.

World-wide shipping

Efficient logistics allows to deliver our products to customers without any delay