Laser setup LTI-3.4.05 is designed for use in dermatology, cosmetics and other areas of medicine and scientific research institutions.

Performance capabilities:

  • Tattoo removal
  • Removal of small and medium-sized vessels
  • Hair removal hair roots


Technical specifications:

Wavelength 1,06 µm energy = 3900 µJ

Time of pulse advancing 0,2 — 2 µs

Wavelength 0,53 µm energy =1500 мДж

The adjustment range of transmission pulses frequency: 1-10 Hz

Aiming beam — a semiconductor laser emitting at a wavelength of 0.68 microns 0,64- radiation at a power of 3.5 µW.

Mass no more than 100 kg (without replacement parts)

Dimensional specifications: 800*520*830 mm