Gas metal vapor laser LG-6І, the source of a focused, high monochromaticity coherent radiation in the violet region of the spectrum, for recording and playback of holograms for use in spectroscopy, for physical and photochemical studies.

Laser specifications and characteristics

Wavelength, mkm  0,4416

Output power, mW less than  50

Spectral structure: single-mode

Warm up time, min.  less than 15

Beam diameter, mm less than 3

Laser beam divergence,  milirad  less than 0,9 * 10 * -3

Load current , mA   10 + — 20

Pulsation coefficient, % less than 0,5

Control band of heater voltage; by power input 2,4-5,5 kW, W less than 3-12

Power input, kW no more than 1,3