Gas lasers with continuous mode of operation are intended for use as a source of coherent radiation in different apparatus, for controlling optical elements to control semiconductor for gas analysis in the field of health care.

Atomic stabilized continuous mode operating on two or any of two orthogonally polarized radiation components is intended to be used as a source of coherent radiation resistant to mechanical and climatic influences in interferometric devices for monitoring and measuring the values of linear displacements built in processing equipment in precision engineering, as well as for solving scientific and technical problems related to the control of physical quantities expressing the length.

Continuous operating gas lasers are designed to be used as a source of coherent radiation in various equipment, for monitoring optical elements, for monitoring semiconductors, for gas analysis, and for health care purposes.


Working gas (compounds) – helium-neon
Wavelength of radiant – 0,63
Output power – 1
Mean life – 15000
Emission color – red
Dimensions of radiant – diameter 36
He-Ne gas laser of continuous operation with release at two orthogonally polarized single-frequency components. It is intended to be used as a coherent emission source in interferometry, optical location, fiber communication, technological and laboratory facilities. Operation modes: I – orthogonally polarized single-frequency components are divided spatially, II-superposition of orthogonally polarized single-frequency components, III-one high-frequency component with vertical vector of polarization on the laser output. Frequency stabilization is performed by the means of the thermal control of the resonator length.