LGN – 207B

LGN-207B has been operated in the market for 15 years. This is an analogue produced «SPECTRA PHISICS», the unit for the production of microcircuit chips, printing machines. The price of LGN-207B is  lower than the US counterpart.

Main areas of application: devices for industrial purposes, the production of microchips, precision machine tools, research, and medicine.

Working gas (compounds)— helium-neon

Wavelength mkm — 0,63

Power output mW — 1

The average service lifetime, h — 10000

Emission color— red

Dimensions of radiant, mm — diam. 35 * 280

Inert weight of radiant, kg — 0,5


Name of equipment Working gas (compounds) Wavelength of radiant (mkm) Output power (mVt) Mean life Emission color Dimensions of radiant (mm) Inert weight of radiant (kg)
LGN-207 А helium-neon 0,63 1,5 10000 red diam. 35 * 280 0,5
LGN-207 Б helium-neon 0,63 1 10000 red diam. 35 * 280 0,5