ЛГН-119, 120

Gas lasers LG-119, LGN-120 are atomic, multimode, continuous mode robots intended for use as a source of coherent monochromatic radiation in the near infrared and red spectral regions in devices for industrial and technical purposes.
The wavelength of laser radiation, not less than LGN-119 3.39 LGN-120 0.63
The spectral composition of the radiation is multimode
Average power of laser radiation W LNG-119 3 * 10 V -3 W LGN-120 119 25 * 10 V -3 W
Readiness time, min. No more than 30 minutes
Diameter of the laser beam, mm, not more than 4 mm
Energy divergence of laser radiation, mrad not more than 3
Relative instability of the average power of laser radiation for 8 hours of operation, 2%
Maximum instability of the energy center of the laser beam for 8 hours of operation, radiated LGN-120 1 in 10-4
Power consumed by the laser, W 100.