LGN – 111

Laser gas LGN-111 with continuous mode of operation, atomic, multimode length is used as a source of coherent radiation in the complex equipment for scientific research and other activities involving the use of monochromatic light source
Assembled representation of the radiator and electrical schematic diagram are in the Appendix.

Technical specifications

Electrical parameters for supply and storage
Wavelength, less than 0,61 rated value 0,63 less than 0,65
Spectral structure – multimode.
Average output power W 26.10 in -3
Warm up time, min less than 30
Beam diameter, mm less than 4
Laser beam divergence, milirad less than 3
The relative instability of the average laser power for 8 hours of operation, 2%
Maximum instability of the energy center of the laser beam for 8 hours of operation , rad 1 in 10-4
Output power, W 100
Varying parameters during operation.
The average laser power during the middle of the resource should be less than 20.10 -3 W. Fix during the setting.
Maximum allowable operating modes